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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Courtney Rush Explains Why The Monster’s Ball Match ‘Means Everything’ To Her

One of the biggest names in the IMPACT Wrestling’s Knockouts division is Courtney Rush (also known as Rosemary). She recently shared that her favorite match during her time in IMPACT Wrestling was the Monster’s Ball match.

The whole idea behind this match type is for this to be extremely violent and filled with chaos. It is said that for 24 hours before the match begins the people competing in it are locked in a dark room with no food or water. This is believed to increase their rage. As a result, the match could be more violent than usual. To spice things up, the match is a No Disqualification match.

Recently, Courtney Rush was a special guest on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast. During the interview, she opened up about the Monster’s Ball match. She also mentioned that it was Abyss’ favorite match and for her, the Monster was very dear to her heart.

Having A Ball

“I love a Monster’s Ball. I do, I love a Monster’s Ball. And specifically because it means so much to Abyss, who means so much to me. But also because my very first one with ‘Jade as Rosemary’. That was back in January or February 2017. Abyss did agent that and Abyss was literally was teaching me how to structure these and how to tell a story in a Monster’s Ball.

“To just be getting the lessons, like the correct procedures of a Monster’s Ball from the Monster, the master himself [was great]. That match has always meant so much to me… I just think because of that connection because it was Abyss who taught me… The Monster’s Ball means everything to me,” Courtney Rush said.

Abyss holds the record for competing in the most Monster’s Ball matches. Rush (as Rosemary) has competed in two of the matches in her IMPACT Wrestling career.

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