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Mickie James Has Been Cleared For A While: ‘I’ve Been Watching My Friends Shine’

Mickie James was waiting for the right moment to make her return to IMPACT Wrestling.

IMPACT Wrestling’s Mickie James recently sat down with Steve Fall of WrestlingNews.co. When asked when she was cleared to return to the company following her return last night at IMPACT 1000, James revealed she’d been cleared for a while.

“Um, well, I’ve been cleared for a while,” Mickie James revealed. “I’ve been cleared for a minute, and I have been waiting and biding my time. Because honestly, I’ve been sitting back as I’ve been, you know, preparing. I went to France and did a show, and I did the UK, just kind of getting the ring back again before I just showed up on TV to make sure I was feeling good, but I’ve been watching my friends shine.

“I mean, Trinity, I think I left, and I was certainly sad to have to relinquish the title and stuff. But then I’ve been able to sit back during all of this and watch my friend come in and shine and take over the division, and it’s been beautiful to watch. So I feel like I’ve been cleared for a while, but I was enjoying the moment, and I want her to have that moment, but then here comes IMPACT 1000, and I just felt like it could not miss a dose of Hardcore Country.

Mickie James needed to be part of IMPACT 1000

“There were so many women that I shared the locker room there both before and now. It was an opportunity to be in the ring with Awesome Kong, who I’ve never been in the ring with, and share a stage with her. So I just — I think back to my history with IMPACT Wrestling, and I was there from the very beginning. The very first TNA show. All the way to the very first TNA pay-per-view. All the way to the birth of Hardcore Country in like 2010.

“And then to come back this last time after Empowerrr and the last rodeo and all of that, and I was like, I want to be there in New York for this incredible celebration because I knew it was going to be a night to celebrate the past, the present, and the future. So, yeah.”

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