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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Matt Hardy: Shannon Moore Once Thought I Shit Myself During A Match, I Did Not

Matt Hardy once had to prove to Shannon Moore that he did not poop himself in the ring.

Speaking on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Hardy was asked whether he had ever had an accident in the ring. He noted that he had not. However, he recalled how he once had a close call during a match with Shannon Moore.

“I have not,” Matt Hardy said. “But there was one time where I was sick and wrestling Shannon Moore, and I felt like I was going to. I let out one of the most terrible gases I emitted. He jumped off the top and hit me with some corkscrew. When he was my MFer, we had sometimes where I’d beat him up, and I did a thing where I’d reverse the roll-through and he ended up right in my crotch.

“He’s like, ‘Oh my god, did you shit yourself?’ I was like, ‘No,’ but it was terrible gas because I was extremely sick. He said, ‘You gotta show me,’ and when we got back and showered, I showed him my underwear and everything. I said, ‘Look, I didn’t. Sorry, I’m very rank right now. I don’t smell good, sorry.’

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