The Rock Pat McAfee WWE SmackDown
Image Credit: WWE

The Rock Returns On 9/15 WWE SmackDown, Pat McAfee Appears

Finally, The Rock has come back to SmackDown.

The September 15 episode of WWE SmackDown kicked off with one surprise return, as Pat McAfee came to the ring and hyped up the Denver crowd.

He was interrupted by Austin Theory, who insulted him and threatened to leave him hurt like Aaron Rodgers. McAfee fired back by reminding Theory that SmackDown would never be his show. Instead, SmackDown belonged to the people. That cued up the surprise return of The Rock, who came out to a massive ovation.

Theory tried to run his mouth, but The Rock cut him off and told him to shut his “bitch ass” up. “The Great One” said he finally came back to Denver. Theory again spoke up by saying it doesn’t matter what The Rock said. But the former world champion told him that it did matter what he said. Theory quipped that fans would finally see Rock and Austin in the ring again, but he took a shot at “Stone Cold.”‘

The Rock amped up the crowd by telling them to chant that Theory was an asshole. They did, much to Theory’s frustration. He then said he would beat Theory’s “candy ass”. Theory tried to get the advantage by attacking him. The Rock won the brief brawl and laid him out with a spinebuster. “The Brahma Bull” proceeded to hit the People’s Elbow.

McAfee then got in on the action as he hit Theory with his own spin on The People’s Elbow.

The Rock’s appearance marked his first time live in a WWE ring since the SmackDown premiere on FOX in October 2019. McAfee appeared at WWE Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 39.

Update: The Rock appeared again later and the show. He and McAfee were talking about their showdown with Theory when John Cena appeared. He and The Rock square off before they smiled and hugged, as Cena welcomed The Rock home.

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