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Mickie James Comments On Gail Kim’s Return To The Ring

Mickie James shares her thoughts on Gail Kim‘s return to the ring.

Both Mickie James and Gail Kim returned at IMPACT 1000. Kim’s return specifically led some fans to wonder whether the legend could come back for another match, as she previously retired.

Speaking with Battle on the Battleground Podcast, James shared her thoughts on Kim’s return to the ring.

“I’m interested to know whether Gail — obviously, it was such a special moment, such a special night that we all want to be there for it,” Mickie James said. “There is no one better than Gail Kim, right? I don’t know if she wants to stay in that role. Obviously, she is the leader of the Knockouts and she keeps that whole division rock solid. So I personally know from a professional standpoint whenever I’ve looked at agenting, producing, behind the scenes role, it’s hard to do both.

“Kudos to anyone who could do both, but I do think it blurs the lines a little bit and it’s awesome and it’s magical when it’s for this special thing. But I don’t know if she wants to come back full time or if she is considering this as something. You think about it, when was the last time we saw Gail in the ring? Before that, I have to be wondering how she’s feeling. IMPACT 1000 was just this week and then next week is 1001, which you will see some incredible Knockouts action.”

Mickie James Says She Would Love To Share The Ring With Gail Kim

Mickie James continued by noting that she knew how Gail Kim was feeling, given her own return to the ring after she missed time with an injury. She then stated that she would love to share the ring with Kim again. James also previewed the matches Kim could

“But I have to know how she’s feeling. When you haven’t been in the ring for so long, even myself, in this time, in this journey from being out with my broken rib and that injury and then coming back, those first few falls are those reminders of, ‘Oh, that’s right. This hurts. I’m not falling on my pillow or my bed.’ No, this is legit. So I have to wonder that. But, God, I think about matchups not just between myself and Gail because we did get to share the ring a few times. But I don’t think that we ever really truly got to show all that we could do. I think that she is the cat’s meow. I really do, I always have, [and] I would love to be in the ring with her a million more times.

“But I also think about matchups like her vs. Trinity, now with Trin as champion, and those different types of matchups. Her vs. Deonna, her vs. Jordynne, and people like that. Her vs. Gisele Shaw. I love seeing that. That’s been the best thing about this whole Hardcore Country and Last Rodeo, was challenging myself against all these women from so many different backgrounds and stylistically who are so very different in the ring to have all of that magic.”

James then stated that she knows Kim loves wrestling, but one’s body gets used to being off from active competition.

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