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Rhea Ripley Names Her Dream Male Opponents In WWE

Rhea Ripley isn’t afraid to step in the ring and wrestle some of the male WWE Superstars if the opportunity presents itself.

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley recently sat down with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda. When asked if she’d like to step into the ring with some male opponents in WWE, Ripley says she has a lot of male dream opponents.

“I got a lot of male dream opponents,” Rhea Ripley admitted. “Obviously, I would love to beat some sense into Dom’s deadbeat father; I think me versus Rey Mysterio would be absolutely amazing, and I would put him in his place.

“Then there’s also an Edge. I would love to face Edge. He was the leader of The Judgment Day at one point, and Mami don’t like getting bossed around by anyone. I don’t like feeling like I have someone in charge. That’s why The Judgment Day works so well now, so I still have a lot of pent-up aggression against Edge that I would love to get out.”

Rhea Ripley would love to see Randy Orton try to RKO her

In addition to Edge and Rey Mysterio, Ripley name-dropped Randy Orton because he’s someone she constantly sees the WWE Universe name in relation to her.

“But then there’s one more person that everyone keeps throwing at me,” Rhea Ripley teased. “And that’s Randy Orton. Yeah, they want Randy to come back so that I can get RKO’d because I keep sticking my business in the men’s business. Rhea Ripley keeps hitting the men, they can’t hit her back. They can hit me back. They just choose not to. You know why? Because they know their place. They know their role, and they know Mami’s always on top.”

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