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The Gunns Want To Face The Usos: ‘It Would Be Special’

Brothers fight. The Gunns know a fight between teams of brothers would be pretty special too.

In an interview with Kevin Kellam for Sportskeeda Wrestling, The Gunns were asked to name other brother tag teams that they would want to face.

Colten: I guess we beat Top Flight, which were brothers. Done The Hardys, which were brothers. We’ve never wrestled The Lucha Bros.

Austin: We’ve never wrestled the Lucha Bros.

Colten: So I guess that’s one.

Austin: And The Young Bucks.

Colten: Cheated, so that doesn’t count.

Austin: I think one on our bucket list, if we just had to say outside of AEW, I think The Usos would be a great [match]. When you wrestle a brother tag team, it’s just special. They were both in this business. We were born in this business. That would be special.

Colten: It’s not just brothers, it’s like second-generation brothers.

‘I’m In Your Corner’

The Gunns also have another “generational” relationship, as they keep in touch with Dominik Mysterio, who is having his own remarkable run now.

Speaking on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Austin Gunn described how he keeps in contact with Mysterio and said it’s cool to see the way they’re approaching their careers.

“I keep in contact with Dominik Mysterio,” Austin said. “I keep in contact with a lot of second generation from our own company, [like] Brock Anderson. You don’t ask them for advice, you don’t ask them, ‘Hey, I know you’ve been here before.’ It’s honestly like you just step back and see each one kind of growing into their own.

” I mean, Dominik Mysterio is on fire right now, and it’s cool to step back and see how he’s approaching his wrestling career and how we’re approaching our wrestling career, how Brock Anderson is approaching his career. It’s just it’s honestly cool. We always support each other. I check in sometimes with Dominik, I check in with Brock, but it’s never asking advice. It’s honestly like, ‘Hey, I’m in your corner,’ kind of thing. Keep on doing your thing.”

Colten explained that they’re all trying to find their own way, and they can understand the challenge of trying to make it in wrestling while dealing with the shadow of a legendary father.

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