Jey Uso WWE RAW Judgment Day
Image Credit: WWE

Jey Uso Rejects Judgment Day, Loses To Drew McIntyre On WWE RAW

Jey Uso had a chance to join the Judgment Day on the September 18 episode of WWE RAW. Instead, he turned on the group.

During Monday’s episode of RAW, the Judgment Day (specifically Damian Priest) issued an ultimatum to Uso, telling him to decide whether or not he wanted to be in the faction. In the main event between Drew McIntyre and Uso, the stable interfered, hoping to lead Jey to victory.

Priest tripped up McIntyre during the bout, allowing Uso to hit him with a superkick. However, with McIntyre down, Priest began talking to Uso. After some back and forth, Uso made his decision, as he superkicked Priest. He then blasted Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio with superkicks as well.

Unfortunately for Uso, that would cost him the match, as McIntyre quickly hit Uso with his patented Claymore for the win.

After the match, Uso was attacked by Judgment Day. McIntyre watched on, but help came in the form of Cody Rhodes. He ran down to clear out the ring before he helped Uso to his feet.

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