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Photo Credit: WWE

Nia Jax: My Actions Speak Louder Than My Words

Last week, the WWE women’s locker room was put on notice as Nia Jax made her shocking return to Raw. The Irresistible Force sent another message on Monday night.

Last week on the main event of Monday Night Raw, Rhea Ripley successfully defended her championship against Raquel Rodriguez. It is to be noted that Nia Jax had a small part to play as she attacked Rodriguez while the referee’s back was turned. Jax also took out Ripley after the match. Now, both women are not medically cleared to compete.

Last night on Raw, Chelsea Green and Piper Niven wrestled the team of Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark. Halfway through the match, Nia Jax interfered and took out every wrestler in the match. The first victim was Piper Niven who was slammed onto the ring steps.

Then, Stark received a Samoan Drop followed by a Running Senton Bomb. Chelsea was also crushed. She then took out her former tag team partner Shayna Baszler with the Annihilator.

After that, Jax said it was open season and she would take out anyone she wanted. The Irresistible Force also claimed that she is putting the locker room on notice.

After the show, Jax was interviewed by Jackie Redmond backstage during Raw Talk. Jax was a woman of few words. She claimed that her actions would speak louder than her words.

“You have trouble speaking to me? I don’t know who you think you are. But let’s just say, my actions speak louder than my words,” Nia Jax said.

It is clear that Nia Jax has returned to WWE to dominate and not make any friends.

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