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Mandy Rose Has Joined OnlyFans

Former NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose has been away from wrestling for almost ten months. The Golden Goddess has announced that she is now available on OnlyFans.

The former NXT Women’s Champion was released from WWE after she had reportedly breached her contract by joining FanTime. The site also revealed that in just one month of her joining, Mandy Rose earned over $1 million.

The former NXT Women’s Champion has since left FanTime and is now part of OnlyFans. Mandy Rose also tweeted a few photos giving a sneak peek on what the fans can expect on her website.

“Same attraction, new website,” Mandy Rose tweeted.

Mandy Rose is on a different path

The Golden Goddess was once a special guest on The Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show on I95 Rock. During the podcast, Mandy Rose revealed that she might not be returning to professional wrestling any time soon.

The former NXT Women’s Champion revealed that she is focusing on multiple ventures currently and thus she may not be able to focus on professional wrestling.

“I’m on a little bit of a different path now, I’m in a little transitional phase. I’m no longer with the WWE right now,” Rose said. “Not to say that I won’t wrestle in the future, I’m not really sure, but I’m taking a break right now and I’m focusing on my skincare line, my other brands, DaMandyz Donutz, helping out at my dad’s deli, I have some plans in the works that I want to help out with them and do some things. My dad is pretty old school, so I want to revamp a little bit. I have some ideas. I’m really busy on my exclusive fan site, FanTime, I get to really engage with my fans. It’s been awesome. I can’t complain, it’s been great,” Mandy Rose said.

With all that being said, the former Women’s Champion recently teased that she will be a free agent very soon.

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