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Sam Vallely Goes In-Depth On DLC Decisions For Ultra Pro Wrestling

The Free Agent DLC content for Ultra Pro Wrestling will benefit the wrestler and their families that you choose to purchase and download.

Ultra Pro Wrestling Lead Developer Sam Vallely recently spoke with WrestleZone. When asked about their current DLC plans and the pricing model for each wrestler, Vallely said the prices aren’t currently set and could vary from wrestler to wrestler because half of the money will be going back to them and their families.

“So the actual price I think there was some confusion because we use $5 as an example,” Sam Vallely said. “We had like a press kit. I think it was used in there, the $5, as an example, but it may actually not be. It could be less than $5.

“We’re actually looking to basically have a relationship with all the DLC wrestlers and their families of the ones that are no longer with us. And they’re actually going to decide what the price will be. So if someone decides that they want their character to be $5, we’ll put out at $5. But if they don’t sell, and they then get back to us and say, hey, we’re not really seeing a lot of income from that download do you want to lower it down to maybe $3? We can do that.

“We almost just want to be the middleman. Because as great as it is to have these wrestlers in the game and have their attires and all that stuff. The thing that I love about this that we’re doing is that we’re basically setting up a way for people to give back to those guys. A lot of them didn’t get as much from other companies, WWE maybe, is what they should have. A lot of them struggled to get their names and their likenesses and everything.

“I won’t go into all that. But we’re just seeing this as a way of being able to help all these guys out. And so we almost just want to be this middleman and say to them, ‘Okay, how much do you want your character to be?’ And we’ll set it at that. And so yeah, the way that we’re doing it as well — I can’t go into what wrestlers typically get percentage-wise for having their likeness in a video game. But we just said to them we want it to be 50/50.

“50% of whatever these DLC characters make will go to them. 50% will go to us, which basically all goes into the game and anything else that we’re doing. Whether it’s say a character or whether it’s new weapons, whether it’s new arenas, anything. Usually, these guys wouldn’t get anywhere near 50%. It would be much much lower. But we just don’t want to do that.

“Actually, someone who’s — I don’t even know if I can go into who. But someone once said to me, they were like, ‘Are you sure you want to do that? That’s really commendable and generous if you want to do that, but that’s not typically how it’s done.’ And I was like I don’t care how it’s been done. If we can use this game as a way to help these guys get money, it doesn’t matter however much money comes to us. That makes me happy.

“So yeah, we don’t know if it will be $5. We don’t know what it will be. We’re pretty much going to leave it up to the wrestlers for the most part, and it will probably fluctuate depending on what kind of sales they get and all that kind of stuff. So I guess it’s technically up in the air, what the price is. And it’ll probably be different prices for different guys.

“Then we can have guys that may bundle together with other guys, but again, we’re not going to say to them, ‘Hey, Meanie and Nova, we’re going to bundle you guys together as the bWo.’ We’re going to leave that up to them. If they want to be put together in a bundle they can ask us and we’ll do it. But we’re pretty much just going to be the middleman and just leave it up to them.”

You can check out our full interview with Sam Vallely in the embedded video below.

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