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Lola Vice Discusses Her Transition From MMA To WWE

Lola Vice reflects on the beginning of her WWE career.

In June 2022, WWE signed MMA fighter Valerie Loureda. Under the name Lola Vice, she made her televised debut on NXT Level Up in January 2023. In recent months, she has become a featured member of the NXT women’s division.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Lola Vice shared her thoughts on transitioning from MMA to WWE. She described how it has been challenging, as she has had to learn a new psychology. However, she stated that she knew she belonged in the ring as soon as she bumped. (H/t Jeremy Lambert of Fightful for the transcription)

“People think because I come from a fighting background it’s easier to transition to pro wrestling. That’s false,” Lola Vice. “It’s way harder to have to pull than to learn how to give. That’s why they’re hiring so many young talented athletes because they can teach them the ways. With me, I’ve had to kind of erase the psychology and learn a new one. The first time I ever took a bump, I knew this career was for me. It’s natural to me, I’m good at it, I love the performance.

“WWE did a great job with me last year. They gave me a lot of repetition, a lot of matches, teaching me with the best coaches in the world. I know I haven’t posted a lot, or I’ve been low key, it’s because I’ve been really indulging myself in this experience because I want to be the best superstar ever in the history of this company.”

Lola Vice: The Environment Has Been Difficult To Adapt To

Lola Vice continued by naming the environment as the toughest part of the environment. She noted that adjusting to life in a different company and having a different lifestyle has been challenging.

“More the environment [has been tough]. In MMA, it was me alone with my camp and coaches. Now, I’m part of the best company in the world,” Lola Vice said. “It’s kind letting go of that control and allowing others to take control of my career and take control of my name and my brand. The promo, I love it, I speak little Spanglish, and that’s me.

“I realized after my fights, I would give promos in the cage in front of thousands of people without thinking about it. All of that comes to me naturally. It’s more the environment and having to adjust to a different company life and being a girly girl. In MMA, I could never have my nails like this, my eyelashes done, my hair done all the time. That’s how the business is, and I have to adjust to this life and be the best I can.”

Lola Vice will face Roxanne Perez on the September 19 episode of WWE NXT. WrestleZone will have coverage of the show as it airs.