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Zilla Fatu Reveals Why He Left Reality of Wrestling

Zilla Fatu is the son of the late WWE legend, Umaga. He recently parted ways with Reality of Wrestling. The upcoming star shared the real reason behind why he left the company.

Back in July of this year, Zilla Fatu made his official professional wrestling debut. He won his first match by hitting his father’s signature move the Samoan Spike.

A couple of weeks ago, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T revealed that Fatu was no longer with the promotion.

Zilla Fatu was recently interviewed by Apples & Grapes Media. He revealed that he parted ways because his vision for his future was completely different from Booker T’s ideas.

“It’s all love. It’s all respect. I still want to see Booker T and his school thrive. For me, it was just my vision was different. Me and Book, we already had a conversation and some things can’t work. My vision and his vision, what he had lined up, it just didn’t connect. We parted ways, respectfully, we’re still on good terms.

It’s All Love

“It’s not like, ‘I don’t want to see you win no more.’ It’s all love. I have to go this way, he has to go this way. Everybody has to understand that everybody has different ways to the top. That’s all I can speak on that. I still want to see them win. Shoutout to Book, shoutout to Reality of Wrestling, if you’re in Houston, go tap in with them. I appreciate Book and everything his school did for me. I’m so grateful for the trainers and individuals that are over there. It was definitely a friendly and structured environment,” Zilla Fatu said. [H/T Fightful.com]

Booker T also recently teased that Fatu could join the Bloodline and Roman Reigns in WWE.

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