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Baron Corbin Was ‘Not Thrilled By Any Means’ That Drew McIntyre Ended His Unique Streak

‘The Lone Wolf’ Baron Corbin has been one of the consistent wrestlers in WWE. Drew McIntyre had ended one of Corbin’s streaks in the company. The Scottish Warrior was the first person to kick out of the End of Days.

The former United States Champion’s End of Days was one of the most protected finishers in professional wrestling. Nobody had kicked out of the move.

It happened at WrestleMania 38. Drew McIntyre became the first person to kick out of the most protected finisher in WWE. Corbin reflected on the history-making moment during a recent interview with Fightful‘s Sean Ross Sapp.

“I had zero input. Zero! I fought for a long time,” Baron Corbin said of the finish. “I’ve always been a guy who has done everything they’ve asked and I’ve been a guy who’s toed the line really well.

“And I have taken characters that may have been difficult for some people to get over,” he explained, “and I have run with them and I have made them something. I’ve evolved for eight or nine years and I’ve never been a world champion.

Not His Call

“I’ve got a U.S. Title and I have always been in the world championship stuff with Roman, with Seth multiple times fighting for the title but I’ve never gotten it. The one thing I do have is no one has ever kicked out of my finish. Cena didn’t, Roman didn’t, Seth didn’t, Kurt didn’t,” he noted.

“And I thought that was really cool and then WrestleMania came and I was told that was happening and I was not thrilled by any means. It was not my call and we did it and it’s done. So, it’s all I can say,” Baron Corbin said.  

Corbin is currently set to wrestle Bron Breakker at NXT No Mercy.

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