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Photo Credit: WWE

Triple H Reacts To His Cameo Appearance on Billions

WWE’s Chief Content Officer and Head of Creative, Triple H made an appearance on the hit television series Billions. He recently shared his thoughts on his appearance on the show.

Billions is a series starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti. It is a drama in which a United States District Attorney and a Kingpin of a Hedge Fund battle each other in the financial market.

In the clip, Paul Giamatti, who plays the role of Chuck Rhoades, has a conversation with Triple H. Rhoades wants some insight on how to do a double turn with just one move. As in, he wants one person to turn heel and another to turn babyface at the same time.

The Game provided a tip on how to make that possible. While sharing feedback, he also revealed that it is one of his favorite ways to turn a character from a heel to a babyface and vice-versa.

“Double turn. Tough to pull off, but when it’s done right, one of my personal favorites. You need to let the heel come in and get the heat from the crowd. Then your babyface comes and gets the pop,” Triple H said.

Hunter also took to Twitter to react to the clip. He thanked the entire show for allowing him to share a piece of his mind with Paul Giamatti.

“The art of the double turn. Easy to explain, not so easy to pull off… Thank you to the incredible Paul Giamatti and everyone at @SHO_Billions for letting me show them how to play the game,” Triple H tweeted.

The show is currently in its seventh season and airs every Sunday on Showtime.

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