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Jacob Fatu Credits MJF For Helping Him Find His Voice In MLW

Jacob Fatu has great things to say about AEW World Champion MJF.

Major League Wrestling‘s Jacob Fatu recently sat down with MuscleManMalcolm. When asked if he had any stories about MJF during his time in MLW, Fatu spoke about when Friedman helped give him confidence in cutting a promo.

“Man, so when I first started talking in MLW like they got me to speak,” Jacob Fatu said. “If you know me, Jacob Fatu, I didn’t speak at all. Because people they enjoyed the work, but I grew up — I’m not saying it was a hard life, no, everybody grows up different. MJF was in the back, and it’s when I was cutting a promo for La Parka before we wrestled at Super Fight Night.

“I will never forget. He walks in because we used to be downstairs in these rooms at MLW, like three different rooms to cut promos. MJF walks in, and damn bro, he just said, ‘Keep your energy but be you. Don’t try to cut the old Wild Samoan-like — just be you, bro. Just talk how you talk. Keep the energy.’ I will never forget that, bro.

“And he don’t know this. But shout out to MJF for keeping it 100, bro. So it was at MLW, he walked in, and he was like, ‘Man, you’re doing fine, bro.’ And it was cool because this is coming from a man. It’s coming from a fucking man, a cat who knows his shit. You know what I’m saying? He could easily just shitted on me. Like, f**k who I am. Just oh man, that’s f**king horrible. You shouldn’t talk because that’s how real bro is.

“You know, but I know when I was there. And you know, just to touch bases back on AEW. MJF, I know when I checked in with him, he was always on my side. It wasn’t a character with him; it was pure love. I can tell when the love is there. You know, to tap in with MJF was off the hook. But yeah, man, that’s one of my stories about when he came in during a promo, which is I didn’t like to speak, especially when he came in. So yeah, man. He’s good people. Always been good to me, for sure. Shout out to Uce.”

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What do you make of Jacob Fatu’s comments? Is MJF truly the salt of the earth after all? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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