Christian Cage Wins AEW TNT Championship On 9/23 AEW Collision
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Christian Cage Wins AEW TNT Championship On 9/23 AEW Collision

Christian Cage finally got his hands fully on the AEW TNT Championship, winning the belt tonight during AEW Collision.

In a Triple Threat Match against his friend Luchasaurus and Darby Allin, both Cage and Luchasaurus toyed with Allin for a bit, but things got interesting for a moment toward the end of the match. After tossing Allin out of the ring, Luchasaurus picked up the belt in the ring and held it for the first time ever.

Cage would eventually get in the ring with Luchasaurus and demand the belt back, but the superstar shocked the crowd by turning his back on Cage. Despite the crowd trying to cheer him on, however, Cage would eventually get control over Luchasaurus, screaming at him to hand over the belt before getting it back in his grasp.

As the match came to an end, Allin nearly stole a win, shoving Cage into Luchasaurus and then hitting the Coffin Drop on Luchasaurus. However, Cage was able to get in and stop the pin, and then pinned Luchasaurus himself to win and become the new champion.

After the match, Cage gave Luchasaurus a hug, and then had him raise Cage’s hand, before asking to be lifted up and celebrated.