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Brandi Rhodes Says She Was Negotiating New AEW Deal Before Exit

Brandi Rhodes addresses some misconceptions regarding her departure from All Elite Wrestling.

Brandi Rhodes joined AEW alongside her husband, Cody Rhodes, when the company launched in 2019. Brandi worked as the company’s Chief Brand Officer, and she was also an on-screen talent at different points. Both Cody and Brandi left AEW in February 2022. Cody went on to return to WWE at WrestleMania 38, while Brandi has focused on other projects.

In an interview with DS of Ring The Belle, Brandi Rhodes looked back on her on-screen feud with Dan Lambert ahead of her departure from AEW.

“When I got to call him the Paul Heyman wannabe, that was so fun, and that pandemic crowd had so much fun with it,” Brandi Rhodes said. “They were having a blast. Then pockets of the internet started flaring up about X, Y, and Z, and it started to become a little bit less fun. I think that’s where you end up with Dan kind of stepping away, Cody and I had our reasons that we left. That was not one of them.”

Brandi Rhodes Comments On AEW Exit

Brandi Rhodes continued by opening up about her exit from AEW. She clarified that the Dan Lambert segments were not the reason that she left. Rhodes also stated that she was negotiating with AEW before she and Cody decided to leave.

“I’m gonna say, someone asked me this earlier about what can you say about why you left. Cody got to say in the documentary what was not true,” Brandi Rhodes said. “I didn’t get to say that. I would like to say that, since I can’t say some other things, I would like to say what’s not true. It’s not true that we left because the Dan Lambert segments upset me. That’s not true.

“Everything that Dan said, I was there for. I enjoyed it, and some of it almost made me laugh a couple times because I was like, ‘Geez. This man.’ The other thing that’s not true is, it’s not true that I was not going to get another contract. We were both well on our way to trying to decide what our contracts were. So it was not true that they decided not to renew my contract and only wanted to renew Cody’s, and that’s why Cody left. Not true. So those are two things you can cross off the list.”

Cody previously said that he left AEW due to a personal issue, but further details have not been made clear.

The full interview can be seen below:

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