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Maven Reveals The One Thing He’d Change In His Entire WWE Run

WWE has many formats of recruiting talent. The company scouts for talent from other sports, or conducts a tryout to see who is fit. Occasionally, it picks talent after seeing their performance on it’s own reality series Tough Enough. Maven was one such talent.

The former WWE Superstar only had a short stint in the Stamford-based company. He was part of the company from 2002 to 2005. One of his most notable achievements was eliminating The Undertaker in a Royal Rumble match.

Huffman was recently a special guest on Insight with Chris Van Vliet. During the interview, the Season One Tough Enough winner shared a lot about his wrestling career. One of the main topics discussed was his short run in WWE. Maven revealed that there is only one thing he would change in his run. He revealed that he would have liked to show more of his personality when he was drafted from SmackDown to Raw.

“It would probably be, wow, that’s a great question. Yeah, I do. It would probably be when they moved me when they did the draft and they split. And they moved me from SmackDown to Raw, that was when I felt like my training wheels were off. And like I just said, I wish I would have just stopped playing wrestler and let more of my personality come out. Because I really didn’t,” Maven said.

Maven revealed why he didn’t bring out his real personality

Maven also mentioned the real reason he did not bring out his true character. He was scared about messing up, so he didn’t go as far as he should have.

“I was just always terrified. I was scared, not to mess up. Everybody messes up. But I was just terrified, terrified to turn the volume up too much. If I could go back and when I debuted on Raw after my broken leg. I should have come out literally and had them pulling me back. I was cutting promos with the words they gave me and I wish I would have done what Rocky does what you know, other great talkers do taking bullet points. Just put them in my words.”

Maven was a contestant on the first season of WWE Tough Enough. After working hard for weeks, he managed to win the entire season on the men’s side of things. Nidia was the one who emerged victorious in the women’s division.

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