eddie kingston
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Eddie Kingston Explains Why He Would Never Consider A Backstage Creative Role

One of the popular stars in AEW and Ring of Honor is Eddie Kingston. The Mad King has been in the professional wrestling business for over 15 years.

In a recent interview with Dominic DeAngelo for AdFreeShows.com, The Mad King shared that he would never want to be part of the creative team. He also assured that he would never want to take up the role of being the head of creative.

“I… I’m bad in the sense of ‘my ideas right. I don’t care about your f*cking opinion’. So if I was in control of something creative or booking and I had someone who I’d say I don’t respect or be like, ‘just be happy I’m giving you something.’ If they’re coming up to me saying, ‘Well I want to do his, and that’ I’d be like, ‘I don’t give a f*ck what you want to do. You’re doing what I tell you to do. Do it your way and make it work.’ Again, that was the schooling I was brought up in,” Eddie Kingston said.

Eddie Kingston also mentioned that when it comes to Tony Khan’s promotion, he would listen to him and do whatever he wants him to do.

“So that’s why when Tony says, ‘Hey you’re fighting this person,’ ‘okay’. If I have an opinion on it, I’ll say it, but then at the end of it, I always go, ‘it’s not my show, I will do hat you give me and do it better than you think.’ Because that’s my job as well. Whatever you give me, I am supposed to make it work. But that’s the schooling I came up from.

Kingston recently defeated Claudio Castagnoli to become the ROH World Champion.

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