Tony Khan
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Tony Khan Would Potentially Be Open To More Investment From WBD

Tony Khan discusses AEW potentially getting more investment from Warner Brothers Discovery.

AEW has working closely with Warner Brothers Discobvery; AEW Dynamite airs on TBS, while Rampage and Collision air on TNT. Additionally, AEW pay-per-views air on Bleacher Report. The relationship between the two sides continue to grow, and AEW is set to negotiate a new TV deal in the near future.

During the AEW WrestleDream media call, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer asked Tony Kkan whether WBD owns a minority piece, or if there are negotiations in that direction.

“Well, it’s something we’ve talked about a lot,” Tony Khan said. “There’s been a lot of conversations about that. It’s always been something I’ve been open to. Between Warner Brothers Discovery and myself, a lot of the financial and structural details, we’ve been able to keep between us.

“But there are things I’ve always said to be true, that I own 100% of the voting stock in this company and that I have 100% decision-making power in the company. I’ve been open to taking on additional partnerships or things of that nature, but we have a really great deal right now with Warner Brothers Discovery, and I would love to have an even longer agreement.”

Tony Khan Would Potentially Be Open To Additional Investment From WBD

Tony Khan continued by noting that he would be open to Warner Brothers Discovery having a “bigger piece” in a future deal. However, he made it clear that he would want to maintain 100% voting control.

“As for them and their stake in the business, that is something that would be between us,” Tony Khan said. “But I would also be open to Warner Brothers Discovery in a future deal having a piece or a bigger piece potentially. But I would always want to maintain 100% voting control, as I have now and want to maintain the super majority of stock, which I have now.

“So I think these are things that are really important to me, but in a future deal, I would be open to. There’s nothing bad about it. We’ve seen in pro wrestling this year a change in control. I have no interest in a change in control. Would I be interested in taking on additional investment? Yeah, potentially, but it would have to be at the right numbers, and it would have to make sense for us based on how much our business has grown this year. But as for a change in control or giving up any of the voting stock, no, I have no interest in that.”

The media call can be seen below:

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