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Photo Credit: WWE

Afa Anoa’i Jr. Battling Heart Problems, GoFundMe Campaign Launched To Aid Medical Expenses

Afa Anoa’i Jr. (fka Manu) is in need of our help.

Tuesday night, ISPW Wrestling announced that Afa Anoa’i Jr. (fka Manu) would be unable to compete at their upcoming 25th Anniversary Show. As a result, Afa’s original opponent, Bull James, issued an open challenge for any ISPW Original to face him at the event instead. The reasoning behind Afa Jr.’s removal was initially unclear.

Early this morning, Afa’s nephew Lance Anoa’i confirmed that the 38-year-old performer was experiencing some health issues.

“Good morning everyone! So I come home from Japan to some upset news! My uncle Afa Anoai is having some serious health issues! He could use a lot of help! Please help if you can and keep our family in Prayers! Thank you so much #AnoaiStrong” Lance tweeted.

GoFundMe Campaign

At the bottom of his tweet, Lance attached the link to the GoFundMe campaign organized by Mike Kleckner in an effort to raise funds for Afa Jr.’s medical expenses. According to the fundraiser description, Afa Jr. was rushed to the hospital on Saturday, September 23rd, later being informed that he had developed a severe and unexpected complex cardiac issue. After undergoing several tests discovered that Afa Jr.’s heart injection fraction is currently working at only 35%. Unfortunately, Afa Jr.’s heart is also filling up with fluid every few hours.

Due to Afa’s condition, Kleckner noted that his brother had a long recovery ahead of him, which is accompanied by various medical expenses. The goal for Afa Jr.’s GoFundMe campaign is currently set at $100,000.

“He has major medical bills, and medications needed. So we are asking for any help that you can give,” Kleckner wrote. “My brother is so young and unexplainable for him to be going through this is at 38 years old. Afa has two amazing and bright children that need their father, Afa has such a vibrant and loving personality, and has always been there for those in need. Afa always has been that guy to go above and beyond for everyone, and is loved by many.

Any medical crisis like this always entails major medical expenses for both him and his family. So we are fundraising to ensure that Afa and his family have the support they need to defray those expenses, and also put Afa on the road to recovery. Anyone who knows my brother Afa, knows what an extraordinary person he is. At this time, I ask that we show up for him the way that he would always show up for us.”