Kronik Originally Tested Female Voice To Give Their WCW Theme Song An ‘Edge’ Vibe

Back in WCW, there was an iconic tag team called Kronik. The team comprised of two Bryans, Bryan Clark and Bryan Adams. Their theme song was also well-received by fans.

The duo had been teaming together for a long time. Bryan Clark and Bryan Adams have captured the tag team championships in several promotions. They have held the titles in the All Japan Pro Wrestling promotion. Kronik also won the WCW World Tag Team Championships twice during their run in the World Championship Wrestling promotion.

As mentioned earlier, their theme song was popular back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. During an interview with Chris Featherstone on Pancakes and Powerslams, Bryan Clark revealed a never-before-told secret about the creating of the ‘Kronik’ voice in the opening of the tag team’s theme song.

“Bryan [Adams] hits that deep voice man, he nails it. I’ll tell you another little tidbit here. We were gonna have a girl do that. And his sister-in-law’s a really good singer down in Tampa. Because we were going to do like Edge always had ‘You think you know me’ right? So we were going to do something similar but have a girl do it and we tried it and was like, nah that’s not us. Here we are, 6’6” you know, 290 (pounds) man, you know, ‘let’s do it ourselves,” Bryan Clark said.

Bryan Clark on how he became Adam Bomb in WWE

When Bryan Clark was in WWE, he played the character Adam Bomb. When he was a guest on the Shining Wizard podcast, the wrestling veteran revealed how he became Adam Bomb.

“They offered me two different gimmicks, and I’ve told people if they don’t believe me, go to the trademark commission and look it up.  But they had the Adam Bomb trademark and The Ringmaster.  I chose Adam Bomb.  I just felt I could do a lot more with it.  It was, like you said, very colorful.  [The character] had a lot of potential I felt at the time,” Bryan Clark said.

Clark also mentioned that if he returns to WWE he might choose the Adam Bomb character than Kronic.

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