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Becky Lynch On Working With The Rock: I Want People To React To Me That Way

Becky Lynch had a great time sharing the ring with The Rock several years ago on WWE SmackDown.

NXT Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was a recent guest on INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet. When asked about sharing the ring with The Rock on the first episode of SmackDown on FOX, Lynch said how easy it was because everything you do with him gets a reaction from the crowd.

“I mean, look, when you’re working with Dwayne, it’s, well, one, it’s so easy because anything you do gets a reaction, and he’s so good,” Becky Lynch said. “And he’s so in tune with the energy of everyone, the entire universe. I think you can see that by how he’s just taken over the world. But he also makes everybody feel so comfortable.

“And he wants everything to be the best. And he takes care of everybody that’s around him. But also, then you are just so wracked with nerves because you’re going toe to toe with The Great One. He’s The Great One who’s got more charisma in his pinky than, I mean, him and Roux could compete maybe, yeah.

“But it is like a bit of a nerve-wracking experience because you want to hold your own, and you have to hold your own. Because he’s giving you the torch, he is saying, ‘Here you go. Let me give you the rub, kid.’ And no, he really looked after all of us, getting to work with him and being out there and feeling the energy of the crowd.

“And then you go, that’s what I want. I want people to react to me that way. And that’s a very cool thing. Because you get to experience it, and you go, Okay, I knew I was hot. This is a different level of hot. How do I get this level of hot?”

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