wwe nxt no mercy results

WWE NXT No Mercy Results (9/30/23)

WWE NXT No Mercy Results

September 30, 2023

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com


Kelani Jordan vs. Blair Davenport

Jordan sends Davenport flying with her modified armdrag. Rana by Jordan. Davenport takes control after a cheap shot. Davenport works over Jordan. Boston crab by Davenport. Jordan sends Davenport into the turnbuckle. Jordan and Davenport trade strikes. Spinning cutter by Jordan. Jordan fires up and lands a modified back elbow. Jordan hits the overdrive. Davenport kicks out. Davenport lands a double stomp. Jordan counters a suplex by Davenport with a sleeper. Davenport drives Jordan into the corner. Jordan tries a split-legged moonsault, but Davenport gets her knees up. Davenport lands another double stomp, but this time off the top. Davenport hits her finish for the win.

Winner- Blair Davenport

Main Card

Baron Corbin vs. Bron Breakker

Breakker dives over the top onto Breakker before the bell rings. Corbin and Breakker fight into the crowd. Breakker tosses Corbin over the barricade. Security gets too close to Breakker, so naturally, he takes them both out. Corbin clotheslines Breakker back over the barricade. The crowd boos. Corbin knocks Breakker onto the commentary desk. Corbin misses a senton on the table. Breakker sends Corbin back into the ring, and the bell finally rings. Breakker suplexes Corbin. Corbin manages to get a boot up as Breakker charges in. Second rope clothesline by Corbin.

Breakker kicks out. Corbin works over Breakker. Clothesline by. Breakker beats down Corbin. Breakker lands his Gorilla Press/front slam. Corbin kicks out. Corbin manages a DVD. Breakker kicks out. Breakker ducks a clothesline and hits the ropes. Corbin surprises Breakker with a deep six. Both men trade strikes. Breakker knocks Corbin out of the ring. Breakker.

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Breakker tries a spear, but Corbin lifts him in the air, sending him through the table with a one-armed spinebuster. Corbin crawls away. Breakker sits up, screams, and spears Corbin out of his boot. Breakker sends Corbin into the ring and calls for the Recliner. Mr. Stone appears out of nowhere and dives off the top rope. Breakker catches him and tosses him out of the ring. Breakker turns around and walks right into the End of Day by Corbin. Corbin pins Breakker!

Winner- Baron Corbin

NXT North American Championship Match: Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Trick Williams (Special Guest Referee Dragon Lee)

Before the bell rings, Dominik dropkicks Williams. Williams kicks out. Dominik argues with Lee about the count. Williams rolls up Dominik for a near fall. Big shoulder block by Williams. Dominik rolls out of the ring and grabs his title. Dominik tries to leave, but Williams floors him with a boot. Williams tries to get in the ring, but Dominik kicks the middle rope into Williams’ crotch. Dominik works over Williams. Dominik antagonizes Williams fires up, and lands a flurry of offense.

619 by Dominik. Williams ducks a superkick that hits Lee. Lee falls out of the ring. Williams lands a kick and pins Dominik, but there is no referee. A new referee appears and counts to two. Dominik tries to run the ropes, but the referee is in the way. Dominik runs over the referee then misses a splash off the top. Williams pins Dominik, but there is no referee. Williams wakes up Lee. Dominik tries to hit Williams with the title belt. Williams ducks and hits a leaping knee strike for the win!

Winner and NEW NXT North American Champion, Trick Williams!

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The D’Angelo Family (c) vs. The Creed Brothers w/Ivy Nile vs. OTM w/Scrypts vs. Humberto Carrillo and Angel Garza

Everyone brawls. The fight spills out of the ring. Julius dives off the top to the outside onto Carrillo and Garza. OTM works over Brutus. Carrillo tags himself in as Stacks does the same. Carrillo lands a springboard splash. Stacks responds with a Manhattan drop. D’Angelo and Stacks beat down Garza and Stacks. D’Angelo picks up both Garza and Carrillo. D’Angleo’s knee gives out. That looked bad. The referee calls for the medical team. D’Angelo is helped out of the ring while the other competitors start brawling again.

Scrypts gets up on the apron. Nile dropkicks him off. Brutus gets a tag and clears the ring. Brutus puts Garza in the ankle lock. Julius hits the ring and suplexes everyone who gets in the ring. Carrillo breaks up the submission hold. OTM and Carrillo beatdown Stacks. D’Angelo limps back to the ring. Referees and officials try to hold him back. D’Angelo headbutts and official and power limps to the ring. D’Angelo clears the ring.

Four corners superplex spot leads to everyone being down. Price and Nima hit their finish on D’Angelo. Stacks breaks up the pin. Brutus picks up Nima for an avalanche Brutus Ball. Carillo breaks it up, and Garza dropkicks Nima off of Brutus’ shoulders. Brutus lands a springboard Brutus ball outside the ring. Stacks and D’Angleo hit their finish on Price for the win.

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, The D’Angelo Family!

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Heritage Cup Championship Match: Noam Dar (c) w/Meta-Four vs. Butch w/Tyler Bate

Round One

Butch and Dar trade submissions. Dar narrowly avoids getting his hands stepped on. Butch destroys Dar with a nasty lariat. Butch stomps Dar’s hand. Dar screams in agony. Butch bends Dar’s arm in a direction it doesn’t bend. The bell rings for the end of the round. Dar lands a stiff spinning back elbow.

Dar 0/Butch 0

Round Two

Dar is all over Butch. Butch fires back and drops both knees into Dar’s arm. Shining Wizard by Butch. Butch lands the ten beats. Legends and Jackson distract the referee while Mensah cheapshots Butch. Dar hits the Nova Roller for the pinfall.

Dar 1/Butch 0

Round Three

Butch lands on his feet after a German suplex from Dar. Head kick by Butch. Dar rolls out of the ring. Triangle moonsault by Butch. Dar runs into a superkick from Butch. Butch tries a moonsault off the top, but Dar surprises him with a kick to the face in midair. Butch catches Dar with the Bitter End for the pinfall.

Dar 1/Butch 1

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Round Four

Butch ground and pounds Dar. Dar tries to rolls Butch into a knee bar. Butch puts on the breaks. Dar turns it into an armbar. Dar and Butch trade submission attempts. Butch traps Dar in a modified armbar. Dar passes out right as the bell rings to end the round.

Dar 1/Butch 1

Round Five

Butch and Dar trade strikes. Dar blasts Butch with a spinning back elbow. Butch kicks out. Dar goes up top. Butch cuts him off and hits a butterfly suplex off the top. Dar kicks out. Dar hits a brainbuster on the apron. Butch somehow kicks out. Butch stomps on Dar’s hand after the bell rings to end the round.

Dar 1/Butch 1

Round Six

Legend wraps Dar’s hand before the bell rings for the final round. Mensah cheapshots Butch again behind the referee’s back. Dar lands another Nova Roller. Butch kicks out. Bate dives off the top onto Mensah. Butch snaps Dar’s fingers. Bitter End by Butch. Dar kicks out. Gallaus attacks Bate outside the ring. Joe Coffey hits the ring in the confusion and drops Butch with All the Best of the Bells. Dar pins Bate.

Dar 2/Butch 1

Winner and STILL Heritage Cup Champion, Noam Dar!

NXT Championship Match: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov

As soon as the bell rings, Dragunov boots Hayes in the face. Dragunov beats down Hayes. Dragunov sends Hayes out to the apron. A big boot by Dragunov sends Hayes flying off the apron. Dragunov yells at Hayes that this is his ring. Hayes hits the ring and unloads on Dragunov. Hayes tries a springboard. Dragunov avoids it and turns Hayes inside out with the Constantine Special. Hayes kicks out. Machine gun chops by Dragunov. Dragunov and Hayes trade strikes. Dragunov floors Hayes with a strike.

Hayes blocks a chop from Dragunov. Hayes has fire in his eyes as he lights Dragunov up with chops of his own. Dragunov leaps in the air, but Hayes meets him with a dropkick. Springboard bulldog by Hayes. Dragunov responds with multiple German suplexes. Hayes breaks Dragunov’s grip and tries a German suplex of his own, but Dragunov elbows his way out of it. Dragunov tries another Constantine Special. Hayes counters with his patented head scissors into a facebuster. Dragunov kicks out at 2.9.

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Hayes stomps Dragunov’s head into the mat. Dragunov blocks a running boot from Hayes. Running knee strike by Dragunov. Dragunov powerbomb Hayes. Dragunov tries a coast-to-coast. Hayes tries to counter with the first 48, but Dragunov blocks that, picks up Hayes, and DVDs him into the corner. Coast-to-coast by Dragunov. Hayes kicks out. Dragunov sits Hayes on the top rope. Hayes knocks Dragunov off the top. Dragunov gets to his feet and slaps Hayes off the top rope. Hayes falls out to the apron.

Dragunov pulls Hayes back into the ring with a superplex. Dragunov tries the Torpedo Moskau. Hayes blocks it with the first 48. Dragunov bounces off the ropes and hits the H-Bomb. Hayes kicks out. Dragunov hits another H-Bomb, this time off the top rope. Hayes kicks out! Dragunov tries the Torpedo Moskau again. This time, Hayes counters with a superkick. Dragunov kicks out! Both men roll out to the apron and trade slaps. Hayes lifts Dragunov in the air and hits a cutter to the floor. Hayes dives off the top. Dragunov catches Hayes with a lariat in midair. Hayes is rocked. Dragunov goes up top. Dragunov hits a super H-Bomb for the win.

Winner and NEW NXT Champion, Ilja Dragunov!

NXT Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Tiffany Stratton

Stratton meets Lynch in the isleway. Lynch lights Stratton up with a kendo stick. Lynch puts on a construction helmet and headbutts Stratton. Stratton runs away. The fight spills into the crowd. As Stratton and Lynch fight up the ramp, a fan hands Lynch a thick gold chain. Lynch wears Stratton out with it. Stratton’s head is bleeding. Lynch beats Stratton back to ringside. Lynch dives off the barricade into a kendo stick shot from Stratton. Stratton lands a double stomp for a near fall. Stratton brings a toolbox to the ring. Crowbar shot by Stratton. Stratton pulls out a hammer, but Lynch avoids it. Sidewalk slam by Stratton.

Lynch kicks out. Stratton works over Lynch with a chair. Lynch surprises Stratton with a suplex. Stratton rolls out of the ring. Lynch catches Stratton with a baseball slide, followed by an elbow strike off the apron. Stratton gets to her feet. Lynch hits Stratton with a shopping cart. Stratton falls in. Lynch crashes the cart into the ring steps. Lynch brings a bag into the ring and empties it. A bunch of Barbie doll pieces fall out. Lynch DDTs Stratton on the toys. Stratton rolls out of the ring again. Lynch tosses doll pieces at Stratton. Stratton blocks them with a trashcan lid.

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Lynch manages to suplex Stratton into the barricade. Lynch pulls a table from under the ring. Stratton hits Lynch with a kendo stick and sets up the table herself. Lynch disappears. Stratton looks for Lynch, but Lynch is nowhere to be found. Stratton looks under the ring. Lynch sprays Stratton with a fire extinguisher. Lynch pulls a barbwire bat from under the ring. Stratton tries to avoid it but gets hit on the leg. Lynch swings for Stratton’s head but misses and loses the bat. Stratton hits a handspring back elbow that sends Lynch through the barricade.

Lynch tries to go through the ropes. Stratton wacks her in the head with a trashcan lid. Lynch puts a trashcan on Stratton’s head. Lynch leg drops the trashcan. Stratton kicks out. Stratton spinebusters Lynch on the trashcan. Lynch kicks out. Stratton slides around ten chairs into the ring. Lynch counters Stratton’s attack into a slam. Lynch transitions into an armbar. Stratton slides out of the ring with Lynch still working her arm. Lynch will nbStratton lifts Lynch and powerbombs her on the ringsteps.

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Stratton hits a swanton off the top that puts Lynch through the table. Lynch and Stratton are both out. Stratton wakes and sends Lynch into the ring. Swanton by Stratton. Lynch kicks out at 2.9. Stratton misses a moonsault off the top to the floor. Lynch immediately hit the Manhandle Slam out on the floor. Stratton kicks out of Lynch’s pin. Stratton tries to hit the Prettiest Moonsault Ever on the stacked chairs. Lynch moves and hits a Manhandle Slam on the chairs for the win.

Winner and STILL NXT Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch!

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