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Bryan Danielson On AEW Collision Creative Role: I’m Kind Of A Sounding Board

Bryan Danielson says people think he has more creative input than he does.

Danielson has become one of Tony Khan’s key advisors backstage in recent months, leading some fans to assume the former world champion has taken on a big role with AEW Collision creative.

Speaking with Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, Bryan Danielson discussed how much creative say he has on AEW Collision.

“I think people think I have more creative input than I actually do,” Bryan Danielson said. “It’s a Tony Khan-run show, so he books these shows. He is the person doing most of the creative. I would say is he doing at least upward of 80 percent of the creative on these shows, if not more.” 

“He [Khan] runs things by me, sometimes. Sometimes he doesn’t. He runs such a crazy schedule that sometimes we don’t get a chance to talk during the week. So I’m just as surprised as everyone else when I see what’s on Collision that week.”

Bryan Danielson Details His Talks With Tony Khan

Bryan Danielson went on to describe how his conversations with Tony Khan regarding AEW Collision go. He noted that Khan tells Danielson what he’s thinking about doing, and the vetran gives him feedback.

“I might say, ‘That’s great’, which is mostly 80 percent of the time I say that’s a great idea.” Bryan Danielson said. “Others times I’ll be like, ‘Oh, what if we change it a little bit to this?’ Mostly, I’m just kind of a sounding board for Tony’s ideas and other talents’ ideas, too.”

Danielson then admitted that he is “not very creative,” as his strength lies in filtering ideas.

“This is the secret I don’t want to reveal,” Bryan Danielson said. “I’m actually not very creative. I’m good at filtering ideas, I’m not the person you want to put, ‘OK here’s a blank page.’ No. I’d be like ‘Uhhhhh.’” 

Tony Khan previously named Bryan Danielson as the person he would want to run an AEW show if he was unable to. Check out his comments here.

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