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Gia Miller Has Fallen In Love With Managing: ‘It’s Where I Feel Like I Shine’

Gia Miller has really embraced her new role as a pro wrestling manager.

Miller was a recent guest on GAW TV with So Cal Val, Mickie James and Lisa Marie Varon. Miller spoke about her career in wrestling so far, which has included time as a wrestler, manager and on-air personality. ‘GLAM’ says she’s really fallen in love with managing, and she feels like she really shines in that role.

“That has been a question that I’ve been asking myself for the past couple of years. Because it’s like, what do I want to do? I have all of this laid out in front of me and I have my options, where do I want to go? What do I want to do? And since I’ve been managing, I have fallen in love with it. I love, love, love managing. And I also love when my body doesn’t hurt all the time.”

Why it works

Miller says she enjoys her role hosting for IMPACT Wrestling, but she can’t shake that feeling she gets as a performer.

“I still want to be able to do that. And that’s kind of why I like the managing job! I can still train, I can still maybe take a bump if it’s necessary or if it’ll mean something, and I don’t have to do too much. But I love managing because that is where I feel like I shine,” she explained, “[it’s] in the mannerisms and the talking and the being big and then also knowing when to be small.

“Knowing my role and managing is another one of those things that… you’re there to elevate, you’re there to make this person seem larger than life, you are not the focal point until you are, right? And then you got to know when to be able to turn it on,” she added. “But I’ve loved managing, I’ve gotten to manage Jamie Senegal on the indies as well. Of course, I always always manage Austin because it’s a match made in heaven, but we’ve done a couple little managing gigs, and I manage anybody that wants to win.”

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