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Christian Cage Isn’t Brainwashing Nick Wayne, He’s Doing His Civil Duty

Christian Cage is just being a respectful citizen.

Christian Cage was asked what he meant when he said AEW needs a father figure during the AEW WrestleDream post-show media scrum.

“There’s a lot of lost souls in this company that need guidance. I feel it’s my duty, my civil duty” Christian explained, “to make sure that they’re guided in the right direction. Nick Wayne has a bright future now. Smart boy.”

Nick Wayne turned on Darby Allin on Sunday night and seemingly aligned with Christian Cage. Christian says Nick is finding his way, and he is happy to take him under his wing.

Nick is a fine boy

“I’ve never seen him wrestle. I know he’s a good boy, though. He was a little bit lost, but he found his way tonight, and I will guide him to greatness. I will groom him to take over one day everything that’s mine. Nick is a fine boy,” he stated. “I see a lot of potential in him. I didn’t need to see him wrestle to know how good he is, to know his potential. He’s wise beyond his years, young Nick Wayne.”

Is Christian Cage brain-washing Nick Wayne?

“Brain-washing? I’m just telling Nick the truth. Nick knows the truth when he hears it. I’m sitting here as the man in AEW. I’m the most talked-about wrestler in this company,” Christian Cage proclaimed. “Why would Nick Wayne not want my guidance?”

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