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Maven Got A Rebirth: Fans See ‘The Real Me’ And Not Just The Tough Enough Guy

Maven is glad fans are getting a chance to know the real him.

WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard spoke with Maven, who did a rapid-fire “word association” round of answers.

When asked to describe himself, Maven said he feels like he’s going through a rebirth now. His YouTube channel has been successful from the start, and now fans get to see him outside of the Tough Enough label.

“Rebirth. Just rebirth. Like I make no bones about it. There was a lot of, I believe, untapped potential, and [unrealized] potential in my career. I will never dwell on that,” he explained. “But I love the fact — if there’s one thing that I love with this whole rebirth with the YouTube channel, it’s that people just seeing a different side of me.

A freeing feeling

“I said in the Chris Van Vliet interview, I think what held me back in my WWE career was I was always a little bit timid, and I was a little afraid to just — I don’t want to say ruffle feathers, but just not being myself. I was trying to do a job of as to what they I thought they wanted, rather than just being myself,” Maven pointed out. “With this YouTube page, I’m just me. I have no agenda. I’m not sending my stuff out to Hunter and being like, ‘Can I get a job now?’ I have zero agenda.”

Maven said being involved in wrestling without looking for a way back into WWE has been emotionally freeing. He only has himself and his partner to answer to, and it’s been a very rewarding experience.

“Don’t get me wrong. I came to this guy with 1,000 ideas, and he tactfully told me no. Like nah, I don’t see it going that way. And it’s just because he knows what people are looking for. He knows the secret sauces. He knows what makes people want to stay on and view. But that’s offered me a rebirth. I think a lot of people are getting to know the real me and not just the Maven from Tough Enough guy.”

Watch our full interview with Maven below: