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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Crowbar Reponds To Claims That ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm Is Copying His Gimmick

Crowbar says ‘Timeless’ means different things to different people, including Toni Storm.

Crowbar shared a new promo addressing similarities between Storm’s new gimmick and the one he’s been using for the past few years. The former WCW star says he’s heard all of the clichés, from ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ to gimmick infringement. What Storm did do, is take the ball and run with it.

“Toni Storm was given an opportunity! She was handed a tremendous concept and a tremendous moniker,” Crowbar explained. “And she is now thriving as she portrays this professional wrasslin’ character. So bravo to you, Toni Storm, and much continued success as you portray this wrasslin’ character. Timeless is something very different to me.

Crowbar explained how ‘Timeless’ is about walking to the ring because he chooses to and can. It’s about choosing to evolve and better yourself when others are content playing the hits.

Crowbar said creative will eventually get bored with Storm’s current character, and they will repackage her as something else. But he will remain where and who he is… and that’s timeless.

Cheers to Toni Storm!

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