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Booker T Questions What Value CM Punk’s Return Would Bring To WWE 

Booker T wants someone to show him why CM Punk returning to WWE would be a good move.

This week’s The Hall Of Fame podcast featured Booker T and Brad Gilmore discussing the rumors that CM Punk is on his way back to WWE. Booker said he believes it’s a result of people speculating because Survivor Series is in Chicago.

“CM Punk may be in talks with WWE to make a return to the company, preferably in Chicago,” Booker T began. “People are speculating that CM Punk will be making his return to the WWE at Survivor Series. For me, that’s a hard one to actually believe. You know me, I’m normally pretty close, pretty accurate when it comes to rumors swirling around out there. And this one is something I saw, but nobody has really confirmed anything.

What does CM Punk add to WWE?

“CM Punk showing up at Survivor Series would be internet buzz,” Booker added. “But this is my question: at this point in time, right now, when everything is going so great — not just from an in-ring perspective and an out-of-ring perspective as well as far as the company is doing great — what does CM Punk add to WWE right now at this point? What does CM Punk add to WWE?”

“Now, let’s look at it from this perspective right here; if CM Punk had worked his contract in AEW and it was coming up and CM Punk didn’t sign with AEW and WWE actually got in and got him and boom… I think we would have something,” Booker pointed out. “But CM Punk, he didn’t just leave WWE; he got fired from WWE. He didn’t just leave AEW, he got fired with cause from AEW. What value does a person like that bring to your company? I mean, I’m just being honest here.”

Booker said that people will respond by arguing that Punk fans will love the move, but it doesn’t mean much from a bigger picture perspective.

“The fans that love him didn’t bump the ratings that much on AEW where it was that much more significant than it was before he actually got there. Am I right or wrong? So, can somebody please enlighten me; what is the win in getting CM Punk?”

What’s the bigger picture?

Co-host Brad Gilmore said they’d be foolish to argue that there’s a short-term boost to bringing CM Punk back. However, he doesn’t see Punk’s return being a long-term answer. Gilmore argued that Punk has never been happy with things he’s been given over the years, and doesn’t expect that to change now.

“Why would you take a risk of disturbing your ecosystem by throwing a hurricane, and a volatile one at that, in the middle of it? It’s the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. That said, if WWE wants to do it? By all means, go for it. If they see some monetary value in it, on a short-term or long-term basis that I’m not seeing, that’s great. But for me, having never spoken to the man, never talked to CM Punk, judging him just off of what I have seen — and not just stories, what I’ve seen, what I’ve seen him say, this is not a guy that I would want in my company, no matter how popular he may be with a contingent of fans in the pro wrestling community.”

Booker said that two parties can always mend fences, but what would it be for? Booker closed by saying he doesn’t see the value in CM Punk after the AEW experiment.

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