trish stratus
Photo Credit: WWE

Trish Stratus Comments On Potential WWE Return

Trish Stratus says her potential WWE return comes down to the creative.

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus wrapper up her return run with WWE at Payback 2023. She came back to the company in February and was featured on WWE TV throughout the following several months. In the final match of this chapter, Becky Lynch defeated her in a Steel Cage Match at the premium live event.

During a Q&A session at Big Texas Comic Con (via Tales From The Collection: Autographs & Fan Mail) Trish Stratus discussed potentially returning to WWE. (H/t Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling for the transcription.

“I’ve been asked by people here, ‘Are you coming back? Do you want to do another run?’ But this is the thing, I’m like… the boxes it has to check,” Stratus said. “One is the creative. What is the creative? What am I going to come back and do? Is it going to check these boxes? So, I always turn it back to people and go, ‘I might go back but who should I face?’ Tell me, I wanna know.”

Elsewhere in the panel, when asked whether fans will see her in another promotion, Stratus replied, “Probably not.”

The full panel can be seen below.