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Saraya Shares Surreal Moment With Adam Copeland and Bryan Danielson

There are many people who claim wrestling is a ‘fake’ sport. But the reality is, that wrestlers are people who risk their lives every day to entertain the masses. There are several wrestlers whose wrestling career abruptly came to an end following severe injuries. Three such stars are Saraya, Edge (Adam Copeland), and Bryan Danielson.

All the three stars mentioned above were considered to be the future of professional wrestling at one point in time. All three reached the top of the mountain in WWE. But all three suffered severe injuries forcing them to retire from the sport at a very early stage in their careers.

Saraya, formerly known as Paige and Edge (Adam Copeland) suffered neck injuries, whilst for Bryan Danielson, it was an array of concussions. The common thing between the three is not only their injuries but also the fact that all three, after years of rehabilitation, made a return to in-ring action.

Who can forget the iconic moment at the 2020 WWE Royal Rumble when The Rated R Superstar returned to in-ring action? Or, can anyone forget the moment Saraya shocked the world when she showed up in AEW?

All three stars are currently wrestling in AEW. The three stars recently shared a moment inside the squared circle.

Saraya took to Twitter to share this special moment with fans.

“You know what was really cool yesterday. Was before the show I was standing in the ring and I saw @EdgeRatedR on one side and @bryandanielson on the other and I just was like “holy shit. None of us thought we would wrestle again” and I felt very grateful. Very cool moment. @AEW,” Saraya tweeted.

Adam Copeland (Edge) responds to Saraya’s tweet

After seeing the British-born wrestler’s tweet, Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland replied to it by sharing the picture that Saraya was referring to.

“Lookit us! Moral of the story, fight for it,” Adam Copeland tweeted.

The Rated R Superstar recently had his AEW in-ring debut match against Luchasaurus. Copeland managed to pick up the win. On the same night, Bryan Danielson defeated Swerve Strickland. Saraya unfortunately, lost her AEW Women’s Championship.

Are you happy to see all three talents back in the world of professional wrestling?