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Kota Ibushi Confirms He Has Signed A Contract With AEW

Kota Ibushi has signed an agreement with All Elite Wrestling.

Former New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Kota Ibushi recently sat down with Yumehito Imanari to conduct an interview for his YouTube channel. When asked if he had signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling, Ibushi confirmed that he had and spoke about how the contract came together at Blood & Guts.

“In a manner of speaking yes,” Kota Ibushi said. “But during the discussion, they asked me how we could come to a deal. I said unless it has this and this and this. Unless it has these conditions, I don’t want to sign a contract. I said if we’re just going to sign a contract, let’s do it today.

“That was… the hardcore match, double ring, cage… On that day, that’s the day we signed the contract. We had a verbal agreement. It has to be this way for me. I’m based in Japan, and I will travel for the matches. Basically, I’m in Japan. I work in Japan. I will be active. I’ll be free to do that too. Is that OK? There are other things that make the contract even more flexible.

“Like if I could appear for another promotion. That kind of thing is normal, like can I compete in another match? We talked about all those kinds of details. And I still got the OK. Tell us anything you want. We’ll listen to whatever you say. Reduce the number of matches a little bit more.

“Because if I go too many times my activities in Japan will be limited so reduce the number of matches a little bit more. When I said that, that is okay too. It’s the best deal.”

Update: Ibushi clarified his original statement in the interview, implying that he’s under a part-time agreement.

“I would like to make a slight correction. My current contract is with AEW. I think AEW is the best in the world. That’s why I want to seize the opportunity in America or AEW and make it an even greater organization,” he wrote in a Tweet in response to a report about his status.

Ibushi responded to another comment questioning if he was full-time or part-time, explaining that no matter what the terms are, he is dedicated to AEW only.

“Even if it’s not full time, my life is dedicated to AEW,” Ibushi wrote on Twitter. “I don’t play matches in Japan, I’m here to attend gym and school. That’s why pro wrestling is all about AEW.”

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