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Alan Angels Believes He’s Found His New ‘Kenny Omega’ In Speedball Mike Bailey

Alan Angels believes he’s already found a great new rival in IMPACT Wrestling.

Angels faced off with Kenny Omega in what was only his second match in AEW to that point. Some fans were critical because it took Omega longer than expected (6 minutes and 19 seconds) to vanquish his opponent.

That match led to Angels getting signed by AEW, and he and Omega would square off again a year later. This time, Omega’s victory took longer than the first bout, as he earned the win in just over 8 minutes.

While on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, Angels addressed the controversy surrounding his first match with Kenny Omega and said the chatter doesn’t bother him.

“Yeah, of course. I heard it all. I didn’t really care,” Angels said. “I’m living my dream right now. I’m doing this for a living, and that’s all I could ever ask for. So, if there are some guys online that want to talk sh*t about me, or whatever it may be, that’s fine.”

“It’s already happening…”

Regardless of how fans feel about either match, there’s no denying that Angels and Omega will forever have a connection. Angels left AEW in 2022 and has since joined IMPACT Wrestling, but his matches with Omega are still talked about now.

WrestleZone recently spoke with Alan Angels and asked if there’s anyone in IMPACT Wrestling that he wants to be linked to in the same way. Angels believes that’s already happening now with Speedball Mike Bailey, who welcomed him into IMPACT.

“So I think it’s kind of already happening with Speedball. Because he was my first match there and I feel like we had a really good match at the Emergence pre-show. I feel like I’m in the ring with him constantly there, which is not a bad thing in any way,” he explained.

“I think Speedball is probably my biggest rival right now. I’m just waiting to get that win over him at IMPACT,” he added. “I’m sure it’ll happen sooner than later.”

Check out our full interview with Alan Angels below:

You can also watch Angels’ match with Bailey at Emergence below: