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Bryan Danielson Doesn’t Think His Arm Will Ever Be 100% After Recent Injury

Bryan Danielson says his arm is fully functional, but he doesn’t think it will ever be 100%.

At AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, Bryan Danielson suffered a broken arm during his match against Kazuchika Okada. He then had surgery, where he had a metal rod put in his arm. Danielson returned to the ring at AEW All Out, and he has been an active competitor ever since.

Speaking with Sports Nightly, Danielson discussed his arm injury. He noted that he thinks he is slowing it from healing by continuing to wrestle. However, he stated that his arm is fully functional. (H/t Robert DeFelice of Fightful for the transcription).

“It’s doing okay. I think by continually wrestling on it, I’m slowing it down from healing 100%,” Bryan Danielson said. “Us older wrestlers like to say, we never anticipated being 100% ever again. So I think that’s kind of where I’m at. It’s fully functional. I can do pull-ups and I can do all these different sorts of things.

“There’s nothing that’s going to happen to the bone because they put a rod in it with nine screws. The dangerous part, the doctor said, is actually where, if it were to break again, it’s easier to break where the rod ends, because the rod itself acts as a fulcrum that it could bend against. But then really, it’s like the nerve and muscle damage. Part of that is because I wrestled for 10 minutes with a broken arm and then part of it is just the work that we do.”

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