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Carlito Wasn’t Crazy About His New WWE Theme, Says The Change Was Needed

Carlito shares his thoughts on his new theme song.

Carlito previously had a successful run with WWE, as he held the WWE Intercontinental Championship and the United States Championship. He was released in 2010 and briefly returned in 2021. Carlito then made another return at WWE Backlash, and he reportedly signed with the company. He made his proper return at WWE Fastlane, and he subsequently joined the SmackDown roster.

Speaking on The Ringer’s Cheap Heat, Carlito was asked about the new theme song he debuted at WWE Fastlane, which didn’t have his classic intro.

“You mean in the intro? It’s a little different,” Carlito said. “I wanted to do something a little different. It’s been all this time. You gotta change with the times a little bit, so I wanted to kind of keep the cool more, but just come out with something new. From what I’ve heard, people aren’t crazy about the theme song yet. I wasn’t either , so maybe it’s one of those things that might grow on you later on. We’ll see.”

Carlito Says His New Theme Was Necessary

Carlito continued by noting that the change needed to be done, as he stated that it helped put a fresh coat of paint on everything upon his return.

“They ran it by me. They wanted to change it. I wasn’t crazy about changing it. I wanted to keep it, I liked it the way it was. But they said they want to change it. I went, ‘Alright, let’s see what we can do.’ They asked me for my input here and there. ‘Needs more bass here, needs more drums,’ little things like that. Then the lines they wanted to change, I didn’t want the old lines from before.

“I wasn’t crazy about it, but it’s also one of those ear worms, where I’d be humming to myself during the day. They sent it to you and you listen to it 1,000 times. Then I’d find myself just humming it without even noticing. It grew on me a little bit. So maybe, hopefully. I know people don’t like change. I’m like that too, I’m not crazy about change, but I think it’s something that needed to be done, and something to just put a fresh coat of paint on everything.”

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