Wardlow Returns During 10/4 Episode Of AEW Dynamite
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Wardlow Advises Adam Cole To Pull The Trigger On MJF Before He Does

Wardlow doesn’t buy MJF‘s new attitude.

Wardlow was previously MJF’s bodyguard, and he later feuded with the self-proclaimed generational talent. “Mr. Mayhem” beat MJF at AEW Double or Nothing 2022, but MJF went on to win the AEW World Championship. In recent months, MJF has become a borderline babyface, as he has been calling himself the fans’ scumbag. His new attitude has been quite different than the MJF fans had known before.

Speaking with Jeff Adams for Sports Nightly, Wardlow made it clear that he sees through the new MJF.

“I don’t know if there’s a number of that exists that will satisfy me, for the amount of powerbombs that MJF is due and deserves. I understand, in the past four months, he has somehow convinced everybody in the world to cheer for him and feel sad for him and feel sorry for him.

“It just amazes me how somebody can do horrible, evil things for years, and then they come out and they say sorry and spew out some fake tears, and now all of a sudden, everybody forgets about all the bad they’ve ever done and they want to embrace them. Well, I’m a little more intelligent. I see right through his BS, and I am not one of the people that have sat at home cheering on MJF for the past four months.”

Wardlow’s Advice For Adam Cole

During MJF’s babyface-like run, he has formed a fan-favorite tag team with Adam Cole. Collectively known as “Better Than You Bay Bay”, the duo captured the ROH World Tag Team Championship, and their friendship has been a popular part of AEW TV. However, Wardlow told Cole to turn on MJF before the AEW World Champion betrays him.

“Pull the trigger before he does,” Wardlow said when asked to share his advice for Cole.

Cole is currently sidelined, as he had ankle surgery, and it is not known when he will return to the ring.

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