adam copeland
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Adam Copeland Opens Up About Creative Differences Between WWE And AEW

Former WWE Superstar Adam Copeland is one of the newest members of the AEW roster. His arrival to the Tony Khan-led promotion may have been anticipated by some, but it certainly was a shock to many fans.

He was a guest on the Battleground Podcast. The Rated R Superstar discussed a lot about his move from WWE to AEW.

“I mean every process has its pros and cons right? But it’s great to be involved to a heavy extent creatively. Now I’ve been lucky in that throughout the years and throughout a lot of years and producing that you are given some creative freedom. That’s always great you know, because as a performer you have to be able to bite into what you’re trying to produce out there,” he said.

He also dwelled on the idea of the wrestlers having a say in the creative process.

“I’ve always said if there’s some element of truth that the person behind the character can bite into then the fiction should follow that truth. And that doesn’t change. That’s always treated the same but it’s really nice to sit down and go, Okay, how could this story play out?’ And be heavily heavily involved in that and being here on a week-to-week basis that becomes more possible. It’s not poking in every three months and that becomes hard. It becomes a hard process to be involved in a large creative way when it’s just kinda popping in and out.” 

Adam Copeland has a message for social media fans

During the same podcast, Copeland also had a message for fans. He mentioned that he would love the fans to not choose sides between wrestling promotions. But rather enjoy professional wrestling as a whole.

“More than anything I know how the social media culture of wrestling fandom an be right now and it’s kind of a bummer sometimes. More than anything, when I look at things as a wrestling fan, which I still am, I think it’s amazing. There’s so many different ways to watch. There’s so many different things to watch. It doesn’t matter what the initials are. It’s professional wrestling. And if we’re talking about this and if we’re complaining about this or putting glory behind this, it means we love this thing. And I wish people would remember that. That this is something that is awesome that is just supposed to be fun. And I’m having a blast every time I’m out there. So, hopefully that translates.”

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