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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

ABC Wins IMPACT Tag Team Titles At Bound For Glory

AND NEW! ABC are your new IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

ABC (Ace Austin and Chris Bey) won the titles by defeating The Rascalz at Bound For Glory. ABC won the match after hitting Wentz with the 123.

This is the second IMPACT tag title reign for ABC, as they held the titles for 140 days earlier this year. The Rascalz first IMPACT tag title reign comes to an end at 50 days, as they had only won the titles at Emergence in August.


Check out a recap of the match, courtesy of our live coverage page:

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: The Rascalz (c) vs. ABC

Bey and Trey double dropkick Wentz and Ace, respectively, to kick things off. Ace comes in and controls Trey briefly until Wentz gets the tag and goes for the cover. Wentz holds Ace in the ropes. Trey hits Ace with a neckbreaker on the apron, allowing Wentz to cover again. Wentz stomps on Ace’s ankle before Trey comes in to take over. Ace hits an over the top rope Soar to Glory out of the ring to wipe out the champs. Bey becomes legal and throws Trey out.

Bey uppercuts Wentz and then plants both of them with a 2 for 1. Then he hits Wentz with a brainbuster and tries for the cover. Ace tags in for a double team as he kicks Wentz while Bey drops him with a neckbreaker. Wentz uppercuts Ace and then hits a double stomp off the top. Wentz flies out onto Bey while Trey pins Ace for a near fall. Wentz puts Ace on his shoulders but Bey intervenes. Bey and Trey are on the top. Trey hits a Meteora on Ace and then Wentz stomps. Wentz argues with the ref and then accidentally sprays Trey. Bey super kicks Rascalz. ABC hits 123 on Wentz and Ace pins for the win.

Winners AND NEW: ABC