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Image Credit: WWE

Akira Tozawa Named As The Newest Junior Member Of Alpha Academy

The Alpha Academy continues to grow.

In a digital exclusive ahead of the October 23 episode of WWE RAW, The Alpha Academy (Chad Gable, Otis, and Maxxine Dupri) was getting ready backstage when Akira Tozawa approached them. Gable said Tozawa wasn’t in the academy, but Tozawa started dancing.

Gable responded by admitting that Tozawa had moxie, and he had potential. He had Otis give Tozawa an Alpha Academy shirt and told him to sit at ringside so he could take notes on Academy-style destruction, as his training had begun. Gable then called Tozawa a junior cadet.

The full video can be seen below:

Tozawa appeared backstage alongside Alpha Academy on the October 16 episode of WWE RAW, and now he has apparently joined the group. Tozawa is a former WWE 24/7 Champion, and he has also held the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Update: Tozawa subsequently faced Bronson Reed on Monday, and the former NXT North American Champion scored the win.

WrestleZone recently interviewed Otis and Chad Gable. The video can be seen below:

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