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Scott D’Amore: There Is A Meaningful Seat At The Table For Will Ospreay In TNA/IMPACT

Scott D’Amore says he has talked to Anthem Sports & Entertainment about Will Ospreay.

NJPW star Will Ospreay is set to be one of the hottest free agents in wrestling. His deal is up in February 2024. He has been linked to AEW, WWE, and IMPACT. Ospreay himself has said that IMPACT, which will revive the TNA name in 2024, is in the running.

Speaking on Press Pass with Tom Hannifan, President of IMPACT Wrestling Scott D’Amore was asked about the company’s interest in signing Ospreay.

“Will Ospreay is arguably the greatest wrestler in the world right now. In 2023, Will Ospreay is having one of the greatest years of any wrestler in history. So I think any company that said they didn’t want Will Ospreay at the center of their universe would be lying.

“Will has kind of been pretty honest and upfront about what’s happening and the fact that he’s going to be a free agent soon. The second that his contract expires, he becomes the hottest free agent in professional wrestling. Would we love to have Will Ospreay? Absolutely. Will Ospreay is a great talent.”

Scott D’Amore: Competing For TNA Is Open To Will Ospreay

Scott D’Amore went on to state that competing in a TNA ring is open to Ospreay. He stated that he has talked to Anthem Sports & Entertainment, IMPACT’s parent company, about Ospreay.

“Ospreay’s comments, both to Josh Alexander and about IMPACT Wrestling, I just think it’s cool. You look at the greatest wrestler in the world, you look at the soon-to-be-hottest free agent in professional wrestling, and he’s sitting there and saying, ‘Look, I wanted to come here to IMPACT. When I was young, I dreamed of being in a TNA ring.’

“That opportunity is open to Will Ospreay. I can tell you that I’ve had conversations with Anthem Sports and everything else, and they’re well-aware of who Ospreay and what Will Ospreay is. Don’t know where Will Ospreay’s gonna end up, but there’s certainly a seat at the table here and a meaningful one where he could be at the center of a lot of that advancement and change that we talked about.”

D’Amore also noted that Ospreay said he wants to wrestle in a TNA ring, and they should get that done. D’Amore echoed the sentiment in a tweet about Ospreay.

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