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Molly Holly Reveals Her Favorite Gimmick She Played In WWE

When speaking about the women’s division and how far it has grown, one person who needs to be given her dues is Molly Holly. She was one of the best examples of a female star that got over by building memorable characters in the Attitude Era.

The WWE Hall of Famer has had a handful of gimmick changes. She has played a heel, a babyface, a comic one, and even serious ones. One of her most iconic gimmicks was her superhero gimmick, Mighty Molly.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc. Molly Holly opened up about how she handled each character.

“I’ve seen Hollywood actors talk about the great lengths they’ve gone through to really get into a character. I’m just not that dedicated… And then when I came to WWE and they told me I was going to be with Crash Holly, I just copied him. I was like, oh, whatever mannerisms he’s doing, I’ll just do those. And then the self-righteous prude character that I played, I thought that the Right To Censor, and Ivory did such a good job with that kind of character, so I just copied that.

“And so I would say that I did my best to perform how I was supposed to, but I didn’t spend tons of downtime researching other actors who’ve done similar things. I guess I just went with it. And then I’d get feedback from my colleagues or they used to call them agents, but the people that would help me backstage, they would say like, “Oh, that was really good,” or, “Your facial expressions were great,” or, “I like how you said that,” and then I would know I was going the right direction,” Molly Holly said.

Molly Holly on her favorite character she played

During the same interview, the WWE Hall of Famer mentioned her favorite character that she ever played. Molly said working with Spike Dudley was like a cute, romantic angle.

“When I was in the storyline with Spike Dudley, that was my favorite time because it was like a Disney romance. I got to be a little naive and girl next door and sweet and like an underdog character. And I would say that that for me was the most fun.”

Holly was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021.

What was your favorite gimmick of Molly Holly?