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Tegan Nox Was Worried About Getting Fired Again, Now Just Enjoying Things As They Happen

After being released from WWE in 2021, Tegan Nox is learning to enjoy the present, even while other releases happen around her.

WWE released Nox in a round of cuts in November 2021. She returned to the company in December 2022. Her second run in the company was initially inconsistent, but she has been featured on WWE TV in recent weeks. Nox challenged Becky Lynch for the NXT Women’s Championship in a buzzworthy match on the October 9 episode of WWE RAW.

Speaking on the Wilde On podcast, Tegan Nox was asked about the recent wave of WWE releases. She admitted that she was nervous, as she was expecting a call.

“Oh, I was expecting a call,” Tegan Nox said. “100% percent…like [a 5 out of 10], like I was like ‘Oh, I don’t want to get fired.’ But [if it happens], then that’s just life, you know? Maybe this place wasn’t meant for me. But I still got a job as of now.”

What’s The Point of Worrying?

Tegan Nox then detailed how she’s enjoying her current run. She noted that she’s worrying about too much, especially when Emma’s release was mentioned.

“Just a weird time with everything happening,” Tegan Nox said. “That’s why now, instead of worrying about everything, I’m just enjoying things as they happen, because you never know what could happen. So what’s the point in worrying when I could just have fun?”

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