LA Knight Roman Reigns WWE SmackDown
Image Credit: WWE

LA Knight Brings Up ‘Sufferin’ Succotash’ Line During Contract Signing With Roman Reigns

LA Knight took a trip down memory lane during a contract signing with Roman Reigns on the October 27 episode of WWE SmackDown.

On Friday night, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and LA Knight put pen to paper for their match at WWE Crown Jewel. Knight made it clear that he was doing it on his terms, as he interrupted Reigns’ entrance and walked right past him. He then sat at the head of the table to send another message to Reigns.

Tensions rose between Knight and Reigns, as Knight vowed to win the gold and Reigns pointed out Knight’s inexperience in high-profile title matches like this. Knight took a big swing when he brought up Reigns’ infamous Sufferin’ Succotash promo from 2015. He also told the champion to acknowlege him, and Reigns eventually snapped.

“The Tribal Chief” flipped the table and viciously attacked Knight. The challenger rallied and was about to leave Reigns lying when Jimmy Uso ran in. Knight eventually gained the upper hand on Uso and slammed him through a table.

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