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Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Joe Hendry: JOYA Was Inspired By Journey’s ‘Separate Ways’

Joe Hendry is one of the most popular wrestlers from the United Kingdom. He is currently competing in IMPACT Wrestling.

In a recent interview with GAW TV, Hendry shared the story of how his latest character and theme song were created.

“To give where credit is due, I work with my friend Neil. He’s like my audio engineer. So he’ll like work with me in the studio and capture the audio for me. But I write all the songs. And I’ll kind of you know… I play most of the instruments on them. Again Val as you mentioned, Joya was a really difficult undertaking. Because creative came to me and they said, ‘We want you to go with this team with Yuya and you cannot use your…’ Well… No, they said, ‘We think you can come up with something for the team we don’t want to use your theme.’

“I was like, ‘Oh! My theme is like my biggest weapon,’ And I’m like, I have to create something new. So me and Robert in creative, we both liked this song that was like with a totally cheesy music video called “Separate Ways” by Journey. It’s like the cheesiest music video ever. I thought, ‘Right, let’s recreate this. And that would be the gimmick.’ That’s what Joya was,” he said.

Joe Henry weighs in on the theme song

While speaking in the same interview, Joe Hendry weighed in more on the theme song and how happy he is to be part of JOYA.

“So it’s just a tribute to this really silly music video. And we thought let’s set into it a 100%. The instruments we used were designed to be the sounds that would be used by bands in the sort of mid to late 80’s. But we added in a few other textures. We put some guitars down. You wouldn’t believe the details that have went into on this. And then to try and teach you the dance moves. Because I was trying to figure out what s the crowd going to be able to do.

“Where they’re not going to bump into each other and all this. And trying to explain it prove Yuya who’s like destined to be IWGP World Champion and you’re going to listen. You’ve kind of got to do this stupid dance in these stupid clothes. But he was all for it. We committed to it 100% and it was a lot of fun.”

Are you a fan of Joe Hendry? What are your thoughts on the new theme song?