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Roman Reigns Granted A Wish After WWE SmackDown Appearance

There might be some who might disagree, but Roman Reigns is the biggest success story of the modern professional wrestling era. The Tribal Chief has been the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion for over 1100 days. Despite being the biggest heel in the current era of professional wrestling, The Head of the Table did a noble act that certainly made a young fan extremely happy.

The Tribal Chief made his return to SmackDown two weeks ago. He showed up and had a confrontation with 16-time WWE World Champion John Cena. Cena then introduced LA Knight. The self-proclaimed Megastar challenged Roman Reigns to a title match at Crown Jewel.

This past week, the two signed the contract and made their title match official. Following the show, The Tribal Chief went on to grant a special wish for a young WWE fan.

Allen Newsom is five years old. He was born with a critical condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. As a result of this condition, young Newsom does not have enough blood flowing through the left side of his heart.

Allen and his mom are fans of WWE. Newsom’s mom, Dominique Hawthorn mentioned to ABC’s WISN that she registered with Make-A-Wish after the doctor said that her son was ready to visit a wrestling event.

“A week after he was born, he had his first surgery. Then, a year and a half later, he had his second one, and then his last one was about a year and a half ago. I always wanted to take him to every event that I go to, but he was still so little and fragile. So now, his doctors figure he’s ready,” Dominique Hawthorn said.

What is your reaction to this humble gesture of The Tribal Chief?