carmelo hayes
Photo Credit: WWE

Carmelo Hayes: Whenever They Let Me Go, I’m Ready For Next Step

Carmelo Hayes says he has done everything he can do in NXT, so he’s ready to take the next step when he gets the chance.

In an interview with Mike Johnson of PWInsider, former NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes stated that he is satisfied with his accomplishments in NXT, and he is ready for the next step when it’s time.

“I feel very satisfied with everything I’ve done in NXT,” Carmelo Hayes said.  “I feel like I’ve helped build the brand back up. I feel like I’ve been a cornerstone to the success of NXT 2.0. I feel very satisfied. I feel like I’ve accomplished everything there is to accomplish there.

“My relationships that I’ve built there, everything that you know, I’m willing to give back if I need to get back in. The next step for me is whenever they’re ready to let me go, I’m ready to take that next step.”

Carmelo Hayes will have the chance to regain the gold on the October 31 episode of WWE NXT. There, he will challenge Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship.

Carmelo Hayes On Shawn Michaels’ Advice

Carmelo Hayes recently described how Shawn Michaels told him not to rush to the main roster. He detailed this advice while speaking with Daniel Trainor for The Messenger.

“He gave me a really good analogy,” Carmelo Hayes said. “‘I don’t want you to start building your roof when you haven’t laid the groundwork yet. You’re already trying to put in your windows and you haven’t even finished doing your thing.’ That’s where we’re at now.”

“I was like, ‘Yeah, let me continue to build brick by brick by brick. When I’m able to get to that point where it’s time to put a roof on this thing, I’ll go to the main roster and start building that roof.”

WrestleZone will have coverage of WWE NXT as it airs on October 31.