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Marina Shafir Says Ronda Rousey Is Living Her Best Life On The Farm

Marina Shafir discusses Ronda Rousey‘s affinity for the outdoors.

Initially settling into a 2.4-acre ranch in California, Ronda Rousey and husband Travis Browne have since expanded their land, acquiring just under 4,000 acres of land in southeastern Oregon, which is now known as Browsey Acres. There, the couple promotes regenerative ranching, servicing customers with Wagyu and pasture-raised poultry products.

During a recent episode of Taylor Wilde’s Wilde On podcast, Rousey’s real-life friend Marina Shafir shared her thoughts on the farm life of the former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion.

“It’s funny because, I first off, 100% love and support that her life has taken her down that direction. Our entire friendship since we’ve known each other, she knew how I grew up. We barely have a quarter acre in New York, my brother and my mom have made like a homestead out of it. There’s chickens, there’s a garden, every part of the yard has a purpose,” Shafir said.

“We would always talk about it, and she’s a nature gal. She loves being out in the dirt, she loves being out in the water. She loves being out literally anywhere in nature and learning about it. So, she found her true love, and they’re doing the damn thing,” Shafir said. “That’s what you work hard in life for. Everybody’s chasing this dragon and she’s on it. She’s living her life. It’s really nice to see her happy.”

While Shafir’s land isn’t as extensive as Rousey’s, she does maintain a similar appreciation for nature itself.

“Coming off the road, that’s like one of the first things Roddy [Strong] and I do is we’ll just take our shoes off and stand in the sun and stand in the grass. I know that’s so dorky. We’re not meant to be up in the air [flying] like that often for that long. I don’t know, my electrons are always f***ed up, so I’ll take some free electrons from nature.”

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