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Marina Shafir: Roderick Strong Thrives In Weird F*cking Environments

Marina Shafir doesn’t understand how Roderick Strong thrived in the WWE NXT environment.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Marina Shafir was a recent guest on Taylor Wilde’s Wilde On podcast. While talking about getting married to Roderick Strong, Shafir said she had a really hard time picking the date because of Strong just started in NXT, and things were crazy there.

“I had a really hard time picking a date because he just started with NXT and he was so busy,” Marina Shafir said. “Like he was so busy. That schedule, it’s stupid. It’s dumb. Like I really appreciate the educational system that they have or the “educational system” that they have going on. I’m a big fan of it. Everything I learned at NXT I still use to this day. I had great coaches.

“But the system doesn’t fucking make sense. Not at all. If it makes sense for somebody — like it made sense for Roddy. Roddy just — I don’t know, Roddy just thrives in weird fucking environments. It’s why I absolutely love him. And it’s something I know I’ll never understand because I wasn’t brought up like him, but he’s so fucking resilient.”

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